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Bitcoin has become the best investment of the decade

Bitcoin has become the best investment of the decade

In the report, the securities Bank of America notes that investors have managed to achieve incredible investment growth over 10 years.
Bank of America Securities remembered that at the beginning of 2010, Bitcoin was worth less than $ 1, but by 2017, the price of the cryptocurrency will grow to an unheard-of $ 20 thousand, which is available to all depositors. Thus, financiers recognized Bitcoin as the best investment of the decade.

In 2017, bitcoin was discovered on the cryptocurrency, which should successfully develop in the video card market, since the production of valuable currency was performed on special «mining installations» from video accelerators. This situation allowed the game console to occupy a free niche, since their prices were lower than the cost of video without taking into account the cost of the entire computer.

A year later, the price of bitcoin fell to $ 3,200, and by the end of 2019, the cryptocurrency rose to $ 7 thousand. At one point, the rise of virtual currencies helped lift AMD’s stock.

Due to the fact that all these companies accept bitcoin as a form of payment, as well as in the General legitimization of the cryptocurrency in the eyes of some skeptics, analysts predict its growth in 2020 to $ 11 thousand. For a while, it’s time to buy «Crypta» for those who want to increase their finances.

Bank of America securities also represents some of the worst investments of the decade. These include the Kyat, the local currency of Myanmar.

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